Our kittens may move earlier than 16 weeks into her new home. The kittens are then several times against feline distemper, cat flu vaccinated, dewormed, and rabies (if required), health (current health certificate) and housebroken. Upon moving out, each cat a vaccination certificate, a certificate, Off course also the pedigree (from Bavarian CFA Nurnberg eV).
The parents of the kittens are Persian and have a wonderful loving and verschmusten character. The little ones grow in the home with the family and not in a separate cat room. They are therefore also to all the everyday noises in the home (eg Stubsauger, hair dryer, mixer, etc.) used.
We also look forward to the visit of the future "can opener" because we know that the long wait, if you chose a kitten can be a pain.
Following the move of our little ones in the new home, we would appreciate a few pictures.
Our kittens are to be submitted with the contract.
Deposits are not refundable.
We would be pleased if you visit us again and again take up the questions just contact us.

23.04.2017 Die Ergebnisse in Bindlach

22-23 April 2017

CFG exhibition

October 24 to 25 2015

KfB Exhibition

12 to 13 September 2015
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